About GBoom

GBoom’s vision is to facilitate social and organizational networking through a technological platform enabling individuals to create a better world while maintaining social, political and economic stability.

GBoom’s mission is to empower the people by interconnecting individuals, enterprises and local government within communities to work together towards a cooperative economy based on the well being of people and the protection of the environment.

This architecture will assist humanity by creating blueprints and franchise methodologies for all individuals, enterprises and communities to enable easy duplicatable solutions for coordination, implementation and long term sustainable monitoring of all projects within an information system of transparency and accountability.

Through a collaborative process in the Universal Alliance and a new way of thinking we introduce you to historical milestones which provides awareness of the root causes leading to the inequality in society. Vertical networks are methodologies used for the innovative implementation of solutions. Integrated mind tools are web applications to expand creativity and facilitate our transition toward an equitable society in which all people are able to experience prosperity and increase their level of happiness in communities that support and care for each other.

For people to become the guardians of society and custodians of the GBoom portal we invite everyone to join and support the universal alliance. As this happens a global public trust will be formed to empower the people to share their talents and resources for the benefit of humanity by taking ownership of this technology gifted to them through the establishment of Social Equity Networks.

In summary GBoom offer the following:

1. Computational and networking information system platforms for:

  • Interactive Coordination
  • Enterprise Coordination
  • Knowledge Platforms
  • Open Innovation
  • and Educational Infrastructure

2. Standardization of:

  • Communication, Innovation and Coordination
  • Project Implementation
  • and Monitoring for long term sustainability

3. The scope we cover is:

  • An equitable society
  • A cooperative economic system
  • Recognition of intellectual contribution
  • Accountability, transparency and integrity
  • Lawful and Ethical Leadership
  • Sharing of wealth and resources
  • Solving “Technological Unemployment”
  • Social, political and economic stability

The potential GBoom offers is:

  • Risk-free implementation
  • Simpler governance and reduced bureaucracy
  • Digital and technological automation
  • Lower cost of living.and ecological footprint
  • Work/life balance and Conflict resolution
  • Higher living standards through shared resources
  • Environmentally friendly products
  • Cooperative interdependent communities

You can contribute to the following Roles:

  • Intellectual and experience based solutions
  • An ambassador for happiness and community participation
  • Financial, material and equipment contributor for expanding the architecture and community development

Until the global public trust has been formed through your participation by joining us, the Universal Alliance participants may gift by visiting www.universalalliance.org for global community projects and the continued development of the GBoom Portal.

The use of all funds will be transparently reported online in order to avoid abuse and misappropriation of funds. Funds will also be allocated to those projects within the alliance that serve to benefit all of humanity.

The GBoom Team

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